Get ready to look better, feel better and have more energy in only 28 Days! 

Join the Soul Fire Fitness Total Body Clean-Up Challenge and get ready to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits and kickstart a healthier lifestyle.  

Limited spots are available and the challenge begins June 1st, 2020.  Don't miss out!

Meet your coach!

Hi!  I'm Celina Klineschmidt, founder of  My passion is to help people move from a place of joy to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. I'm a certified NCSF, AFAA, and IBBFA fitness trainer and wellness coach, with over 10-years experience teaching a variety of formats including LaBlast, Zumba, aqua fitness, dance, HIIT and functional training. I bring a playful style you can feel every workout.

I know what it's like to struggle and not feel confident in your own skin.  I've been there.  I battled with my weight for most of my life.  I tried the latest diet fads and pills that were supposed to ensure success.  None of those worked for me.  It wasn't until I was faced with a health scare over a decade ago that I knew I had to make a fundamental change in my life.  I started to look at food as the gateway to wellness and feeling good.  Combined with better nutrition choices and a killer workout plan, I was able to heal myself from the inside out and set off on this path to help others find their way.  That's what Soul Fire Fitness is all about.  Figuring out what YOU need to do to fan that fire within and bring out a positive lifestyle change. 


There is no judgment here.  Only encouragement!  


Let's Get Fired Up! 


  1. How long is the challenge?

    • The Total Body Clean-Up (or TBC) lasts 28 days.

  2. What's included in the challenge?

    • You'll get a beautifully curated EBook (TBC Guide)​

    • Weekly cheat sheets & challenge tracker to set you up for success

    • Daily motivational emails and check ins

    • Weekly Tips & Recipes

    • 24 hr access to the Soul Fire Fitness TBC forum on Facebook

    • Chance to WIN an awesome prize upon completion

  3. How much does the challenge cost?

    • $49.99!  This is an awesome value considering all of the supportive content you'll receive.  ​

  4. Is this challenge vegan or vegetarian friendly?

    • Absolutely!  We'll be getting a healthy dose of much needed veggies and fruits.  You can choose how you get protein.​

  5. If I'm gluten-intolerant can I still do this challenge?

    • Again, yes!  We'll be working on ditching some inflammatory foods and eating clean.​

  6. Are workouts included in this challenge?

    • While the main focus is on ditching unhealthy nutrition habits, you won't be required to follow an exercise routine.  Do I encourage you adding some workouts while on this journey?  Absolutely!  It will enhance the wonderful work you're doing and assist you in reaching your goals.​

    • Check out our extensive fitness video library here on

  7. Is this program refundable?

    • You are making a commitment to a healthier life!  I want you to take ownership of your decision, show up and do the work.  I promise you can do this!  Refunds on the challenge are not available.  

  8. Are there special or hard to find foods on the list?

    • My goal is to make this as achievable for you as possible.  We'll be taking a look at what your daily diet currently includes and ramping up the good stuff and eliminating some of the not so great stuff.  No special, fancy or super expensive foods. ​

  9. Will I need specific kitchen appliances or tools?

    • Here's what you'll need:​

    • A blender (a nutribullet will work great too)

    • If you have an InstaPot, great!  It's not necessary though

    • A knife (to chop those veggies)

    • And the regular appliances you use for every meal!  Simple!

  10. Who can do this challenge?

    • I recommend participants be at least 18 years or older to sign up.  ​

    • If you have medical conditions, it's always a good idea to share the information of this challenge with your physician.  Again, no crazy pills or outrageous recipes.  Just simple, clean, whole foods.

    • This challenge can be done by men or women!

Sarasota, Florida

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